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Bid Management and Execution Expertise

Dracaena can provide advice with respect to any project or asset sale, drawing from its experience in numerous previous deals and extensive network. Bids could reflect either public procurements such as privatisations or private sales. Also Dracaena can assist with the bid management of such process, which would otherwise place a significant demand on the time and resources of a bidder. We add value to the bidding efforts of our clients by utilising our relationships, providing up-to-date analysis of the various counterparties and assisting with devising and adapting the bidding strategy. We undertake to attend meetings with procuring authorities and other consortium members and stakeholders on behalf of our clients, coordinating advisors of the bidding consortium and reporting to the bidding sponsor(s) timely and effectively with real time strategic advice. Furthermore, Dracaena can add significant value by assisting in the execution of a deal, negotiating terms and ensuring seamless execution and closing of the deal. Dracaena can draw additional resources as appropriate through our extended network of business experts from all sectors of industry with regards to bidding for specific targets or turning around newly acquired/restructured companies.