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Litigation Support, Management & Dispute Resolution

We recognise that a litigation or arbitration process can be lengthy, expensive and psychologically draining and that, in some cases, going to court may not be the best answer to the problem in hand. We work closely with our clients to assimilate the facts and give a careful analysis of their problem with a view to providing clear and dispassionate advice as to options available to them and the tactics and strategy they could be deploying in order to effectively protect their rights and secure the best resolution of a problem. If together we determine that a court/arbitration action is the best way forward, we then assist our clients by carefully selecting and appointing a suitable law firm and/or other advisors. We stay involved throughout the process and co-ordinate the work of external advisors to ensure that they deliver an excellent service, take a proactive approach, achieve optimum results, charge proportionately and stay committed to our clients’ best interests at every stage of their appointment.

We also recognise that, in some instances, litigation or arbitration alone cannot achieve a desirable result in a dispute and, through our extensive international network of advisors, we provide our clients with an ancillary set of services, such as dispute negotiations, intelligence-based services, fraud investigation, crisis management, investigative forensic services and public relations campaigns.